Internationellt förankrade kriterier

Vårt register baseras på kriterier uppsatta av EAC, European Association for Counselling.


As fully recognised by EAC as the National Association of your country the following conditions have been met in full:


  1. The Association must be a non-profit making body concerned solely with the development of counselling as defined by the EAC.
  2. It must itself be a body representing a number of other associations and individuals.
  3. It must encompass differing theoretical perspectives, counselling contexts and professional interests.
  4. It must endorse the aims, objectives and regulations of EAC.
  5. It must seek to represent the perspectives on counselling in the country in its dealings with EAC and not the views solely of any single interest group.
  6. It will elect from all registered Members of EAC, in its own country, a Country Representative to serve on the appropriate Boards, Committees and Working Parties of EAC. Members may apply to exercise their vote in different countries at the time of application, or subsequently.
  7. It will participate, upon request, in EAC elections within its own country.
  8. It will agree to act as an agent for EAC by distribution of EAC material and the collection of EAC subscriptions of its Members.
  9. The Association must be constituted in a legal way according to the laws of the country.
  10. It must have at least 25 of its Members subscribe as Full Members to EAC.
  11. It must demonstrate evidence of promoting development of counselling in the country in compliance with EAC aims and objectives. This evidence might include regional development, promotion and programmes of activities over a three-year period.
  12. It must demonstrate after five years to have a code of ethics, a complaints procedure, and means of recognizing professional competence compatible with the professional standards laid down by the EAC.

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